Heartfelt Harvest

Here are some of the items needed the most:

Cleaning Products
Body Soaps
Hair Products

Baby Products
Paper Products
Men’s and Women’s Hygiene Products

Cold, Flu & Sinus Products
Dental Products
Pain Relief Products

Household Products
First Aid Products
Dish & Pan cleaners
Laundry Products

What is Heartfelt Harvest?

Heartfelt Harvest fills a pressing need in our communities. The rising cost of living and high unemployment have left some of our most vulnerable neighbors without the most basic of necessities, including fresh produce. So with a desire to help others and a generous spirit, Heartfelt Harvest was founded in 2008 to help eradicate hunger by providing fresh produce for friends and neighbors who are struggling financially.

Why was Heartfelt Harvest Started?

Caught between layoffs, downsizing and rising costs, more Americans are relying on food banks to keep their families from going hungry. Some 37 million people are living in poverty. 27 million are on food stamps. 12.4 million children are at risk of hunger–those were the frightening statistics before the economic downturn. Now, as job losses continue to mount, more Americans find themselves wondering where their next meal will come from and what that meal will be.

How it Works

Heartfelt Harvest motto is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”. And we have partner with business located in the areas we are serving to get their “day old” items. Our volunteers pick up these items seven days a week 362 days a year and delivers them a local food pantry. No one involved with Heartfelt Harvest gets paid, they use their own cars and own gas. It is truly a love they have for help our mission.

You Can Help Us!

How can I help with the
S.O.S program?
(Stock Our Shelves)

Heartfelt Harvest is opening our own pantry, catering to non food items. These items are necessities for everyday living. These are items
that most food pantries don’t provide. Theseare items that people in need, will have to have the money to buy or go without. These are items that many of us take for granted. We are looking for groups, businesses or individuals to help us stock our shelves.

How can my company or group

If your company is interested in helping us meet our goals, we welcome a call from you! Give us a
call at 248-885-3651 to find out more. Getting your employees involved with helping those in need in their own community is a great moral booster. With the support of all of our partners, Heartfelt Harvest is becoming a leading supporter in the fight to prevent hunger. We need your help to keep up the success of our quest!


If you, your business or group can help us to Stock Our Shelves, or would like some additional information, please contact at
248-885-3651 or

We are looking for groups, businesses or individuals to help us stock our shelves.

Together we can do a lot!
Your donation is very important for those in need.